Thomes Nielsen Galskyt Thomes Nielsen Galskyt  ‎(I2717)‎
Given Names: Thomes Nielsen
Surname: Galskyt

Gender: MaleMale
Personal Facts and Details
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Parents Family  (F948)
Niels ‎(Jens)‎ Pedersen Galskyt
- 1481
Thomes Nielsen Galskyt

Immediate Family  (F947)
Peder Thomsen Galskyt
- 1495

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Multimedia Object
Galskyt familiens våbenskjoldGalskyt familiens våbenskjold  ‎(M626)‎
Type: Photo

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Family with Parents
Family with unknown
Peder Thomsen Galskyt ‎(I2716)‎
Death before 1495 Øland, Harrig Sogn, Thisted Amt, Danmark